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Why Wiley Coyote Machine?

- 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
- Ability to assist with designs with the goal of making them more efficient to machine (ie minimizing machining costs).

-  Attention to detail.

-  40+ years of experience with ability to machine difficult parts.

Brent Rieker, Owner

Over 40 years mill and lathe machining experience; most recent experience highlighted below:


Six years as principal machinist for a medical ventilator manufacturer in Carlsbad, CA. Machined small parts for prototypes using CNC Mills and Lathes.  Worked with engineers and non-engineers to refine and/or create designs.  Designed and machined/fabricated fixtures and tooling for production manufacturing departments. 


Ten years as President/Owner of Rieker Machine, Inc.  in Carlsbad, CA.  Managed a successful ISO certified job shop specializing in precision parts.  Machined prototypes and short run production parts on CNC and manual mills and lathes.  Programmed instructions using FeatureCam, AutoCad and Solidworks.  Designed and machined/fabricated fixtures and tooling. Assisted engineers to ensure efficient (ie less time consuming = less costly) designs.  Mentored employees.  Planned and scheduled projects.  Calibrated inspection equipment; inspected parts.


Other work experience as a machinist for various industries included, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Cryogenics

  • Food packaging



  • "Built" 1966 Chevy Nova race car used in local drag races

  • Captained and co-captained Gigabyte robot team in BattleBots 2018 and 2019

  • Captain of BattleBots team, Cobalt, in upcoming 2021 season

  • Team member and principal machinist for BattleBots Invader and Gigabyte teams since 2015.

Wiley Coyote’s Nemesis (aka Wiley), Mascot

90 lb Old English Sheepdog with a cheerful personality and friendly disposition. 

  • Self-appointed QA Inspector for Brent’s at-home projects; constantly has his nose within inches of the task at hand to ensure it is being done properly.

  • Leads Brent to destined locations (ie herding). 

  • When not leading, is always at Brent’s heels proving he is also a great follower. 

  • Protects home with loud bark and stands guard at the door letting smaller dogs check out noise outside (ie delegates without micromanaging).

  • Served as inspiration for business name; since the time he was a small puppy, often outsmarted his owners with his cleverness and intelligence, forcing owners to challenge themselves to outsmart him. Likewise, we strive to run a “smart” machine shop that is clever and intelligent in its machining approach and design abilities.

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